Hi, I’m Hana Mitchell, the founder and creative behind Pramskins. Some 15 years ago, just after the birth of my first child, I found myself searching for a stylish, yet practical pram liner. The sheepskins I could find were far too hot for the summer months, but no good alternative seemed available. website-about-us-photo.jpg

So I ended up making my very own pram liner – that was the first, and I haven’t stopped since! Friends started asking for one of their own, and then I would receive requests from their friends too; until finally, in 2004, the Pramskins brand was born.

My daughter actually designed the Pramskins logo for me – it’s a drawing she made when she was four! And China, our beautiful family greyhound, has become something of a mascot for the brand, even having his very own Pramskins coat made just for him. It was so stylish that both he and Pramskins wound up being featured in the Herald Sun.

Since then I have created pram liners and snuggle bags for over 15,000 customers in Australia and all over the world, but behind the scenes, it’s still very much the family centered business I started with.

I continue to personally design and handmake every single Pramskin I sell, and ship them with love from my home in Melbourne. Each one has to meet a set of criteria I have – they have to look good of course, so I take great care in choosing colorful patterns and prints for each one. But more importantly, the fabric has to be of high quality: soft and absorbent, so your little one can ride in complete comfort.

Finally, let’s not forget the practicalities – we Mums have enough to do without making things harder on ourselves! So each Pramskin is designed to be easy to fit in and remove from your pram or stroller, and all are machine washable. The Pramskins range includes pram liners, snuggle bags and footmuffs, specifically designed to fit the most popular brands. If unsure, or you are swapping between prams, you can opt for our popular Universal Fit range which will fit any pram with a 5-point harness. And above all else, every Pramskin I sell has to be crafted with exactly the same level of care and attention to detail, as though I were making it for my own child.

Having previously worked for ten years in a large corporation, I feel so lucky to be able to indulge my childhood passion for sewing and colorful fabrics – all while spending precious quality time with my family. So I’m also determined to give back, in all the ways I can. That’s why I’m committed to sourcing most fabrics locally, supporting other small businesses as well as reducing my environmental impact by not having all my materials shipped in from overseas. Our home has solar panels which generate electricity to run my business, so Pramskins is as environmentally friendly as possible.

There’s very little waste either – fabric offcuts and remnants are donated to my friend Helen, who makes the most beautiful quilts. She gives them to the Women’s University Fund, a supporter of various children’s charities and organisations. In addition, Pramskins supports several charities based in Victoria: the Les Twentyman Foundation which provides support services for young people, enabling them to reach their full potential and make a positive contribution to society and MSFIN  in Seaford (Mums Supporting Families In Need). 

It has never been more important to buy Australian than right now. Pramskins is a certified "Australian Owned and Made" business. By buying Australian products, you support small business and Australian based suppliers. I will gladly provide you with a copy of our certificate if requested. Thank you for your support and stay safe!