Pram Buying Guide


Click the image above to find the latest Choice review of Prams and Strollers on the market. The winners, the not so good ones, plus lots of practical info what to look for. And a little summary from Pramskins:

01. Safety - a big deal!

Australian Safety Standards require all prams and strollers to be fitted with a 5-point safety harness. Always look for certification to Safety Standard AS/NZS 2088, preferably the 2013 version which is the most recent and has the highest safety standards. Also it's now mandatory for all strollers to have a wrist strap. A little handy tip: give the straps a tug to check they are secure and the seat does not come away from the frame!

02. Can You Lift It?
Imagine lifting the pram in and out of your car every day, or hauling it up and down a flight of stairs. Some prams can weight up to 15kg, plus items in the basket and toys on top, so make sure it’s a weight you can handle if necessary.

03. What is your daily routine like?
Will your pram need to withstand jolts and bumps if you go jogging with it? Or do you need something small and agile, to zip around the city streets and shops? Where will you use it most? Consider the basket size, footrest, bumper bar and brakes - will they make your day to day life more or less difficult?

04. How does the pram fold?
Collapsing some prams can require both hands and the pressing of various buttons, while others are super easy and take just a second to fold. Take your time to test this feature in the shop, you won’t regret it!

05. Will you be using your pram from newborn to toddler?
If so, look for a pram which comes with a removable bassinet or capsule. It might seem a big investment but the pram will grow with your child and you can use it for a long time. 

06. Three or four wheeler?
Three-wheelers offer better maneuverability, while four-wheelers tend to be more stable. Another feature to test in the shop.

07. Does your baby prefer facing you or looking out at the world?
In the first few weeks, your baby might feel more comfortable and secure if they can face you when on the ride. As they grow older, they prefer to face forwards and see the world. So it is worth considering a pram with a reversible handle to allow for both options.

For more information, I recommend this awesome Pram and Stroller Buying Guide by The Choice, published in June 2021

Last but not least...
Consider your budget. Designer prams can cost as much as a small car. Don’t forget to include the price of accessories such as rain cover or pram bag when making your decision. We tend to fall in love with a particular brand or style but always keep in mind your pram should be easy to use, so don’t buy for looks only. Also, beware of over-engineered prams, they can wind up more complicated than clever.